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30 Days of Real Actionable tasks to foster REAL CONNECTION in your family,
WITHOUT years of clinical therapy. 

We Kick off on SEPTEMBER 1st

"Vanessa Baker has changed the way I see, talk to, listen to, & connect with my two boys - I can confidently say ANYONE who is seeking a strong relationship with their children needs her in their life & family" 
- Alyssa Dillon, CEO & Marketing Expert


  •  Finally, feel like parenting is collaborative and based on mutual respect
  • Know exactly what to do that will ACTUALLY make a difference so you can FEEL like you are a "good" parent
  • ​Feel like you can trust and accept your child for WHO they ARE 
  • ​Clients say they feel like they can be in their kid's life, but free from their drama
  • ​Get off the roller coaster ride and handle your family's big emotions with unshakable confidence and ease
Hey Parents! 

Do you want to stop taking everything so personally? 

You want to be able to talk with your kids openly…

To encourage them, to teach them, to influence them, 

to laugh with them to make amazing memories.

You want them to talk to you easily too…

Not just to tell you what they want you to do for them next,


You want to know what they are thinking, wondering about, 

feeling, struggling with, proud of, considering.

You want to know, but right now, you are not the one they turn to 

and that really sucks.

I bet you have thought before that part of the breakdown is that 

you are not really even YOU anymore.

You’ve lost connection with yourself as the parenting role gets harder and realer and heavier.

Add in work, the home, the finances, your personal relationships, your own struggles.

Then add in how your own parents did or didn’t show up for you.

Now add in how friends and family are at the ready to judge you 

and your kids for any false move, any hint of failure.

It’s like a freaking pressure cooker in your head 

and in your heart and in your home 

and you need some relief, 

to actually know how you’re going to get from here to something that feels better.

I am going to show you EXACTLY what to say and do for a whole entire month

to get connected to yourself again, or for the first time, to BE you again...

You are going to learn (AND PRACTICE AND GET GOOD AT!!!)

how to say what you are thinking and feeling in a way that doesn’t shut your kid down

 how to get clarity on what matters and what doesn’t

how to free yourself from the fear of judgment 

and to know how to handle the judgment that will come your way

to have your experience of parenting be fun and playful

how to be effective and really get through to your kids 

about anything and everything you have to share with them

how to release yourself from your past garbage around parenting.

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Un F❤️ck Up Your Family: 30 Days REAL Connection

Hey there! I'm Vanessa! 👋

From August 2002 to January 2008, I had five babies. When they were 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 years old, I remember thinking, “You know what this means, Vanessa? In 10 years they’re going to be 12, 13, 15, 16 and 18!”

I’m doomed according to well, like, EVERYONE! I can’t think of a single person who was able to express any type of hope or encouragement for me as the mother of five future simultaneous teenagers. Not in my family, not at church, not at school, not at the grocery store, the mall, on Facebook, at the park, nowhere. It was just like how you spy someone’s huge white head zit on the end of their nose and think to yourself, “Oh man, that’s gonna be very nasty very soon!” But I actually got to hear all those thoughts out loud from everyone- and when I say everyday, I mean it.

Today, as I write this, they are the “dreaded” ages, from 13-19, and I am telling you that while it is not what I would describe as “easy” to parent them, I can confirm that I didn’t drink the punch-- and we are not doomed. 

In fact, we are solid. As different as they each are, the one thing they all have in common is they know they can come to me, tell me anything and everything because I never judge. They know I’m in their corner and they are in mine.

I am going to show you EXACTLY what 
to say and do and focus on
for a whole entire month--
and your family will never be the same.

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We start on September 1!

Check out what my clients are saying!

(Mom of 13 year old and 16 year old)

Note from client following a session with her 13 year old son: 

Thank you, Vanessa. I think I have to read your notes like a million more times. I think I was fearful I was going to get this email that blamed us and our short-temperedness for the entire situation. Being able to see all those positive things our son thinks about us was eye-opening. We are ready to take the direction. We are ready to shift and see what happens.

(Mom of 11 year old and 14 year old)

Vanessa's session notes are VERY powerful. Her mission and passion are soooo clear. She makes it safe for us as parents to make errors, but also calls us to a higher purpose which is what we want in the first place. I KNEW she was good from what I had heard from my friend who referred me to Vanessa, but WOW. I'm so grateful for her. I have seen openings with my 11 year old son that I may not have ever gotten a glimpse if it weren't for her session with him and follow up with me. His cooperation is up. His attitude has improved- all the things I was concerned about turned out to be symptoms of us not really being as connected as I knew we could be. 

(Dad of 12 year old and 14 year old)

Vanessa is such a positive influence on our whole family. She has a great way of breaking down/creating awareness about so many of the silly rules that we hold ourselves and our kids to while at the same time providing solutions that work. Whether it’s your teen, parenting, relationships or career Vanessa helps you navigate a better path.

(Mom of 13 year old and 16 year old)

I discovered her one night on FB when I was researching some issues with my then 15 year old son. She was immediately responsive and got the ball rolling on working on these issues. Turns out…interestingly…that after her talk with my son.. she suggested that she talk with me… and that was the ticket. Sometimes it seems like if the other person just did X, Y or Z it would all be better only to realize that the work has to come from within. A novel idea. However, I also have to point out that my son asked one day when he was struggling with some issues.. if I could set up another conversation with Vanessa. You could tell he felt instantly safe in their relationship and respected her opinion. Big sigh of relief. I am proud to say the lines of communication are open again with my son, and our relationship is at a much more harmonious point. So grateful. Thank you Vanessa!

(Mom of five teens)

Vanessa has a gift of being able to delve into the core of issues. Whether you are at the end of your rope and feeling hopeless with your teen, or just want to improve the relationship, I promise you that she can lend new insight to this process. Vanessa is able to build authentic trusting relationships with teens and help families mend without shaming or guilt. I first met Vanessa in 2006 at a conference where her goal was to make a difference in other’s lives and help them see their potential. She has continued that mission but has honed it in to reflect her experience with teens and families. She is very real, raw, open, and lives what she speaks. Vanessa understands blended families, complicated situations, parenting challenges and teen emotions/development because she has lived it and has taken her experiences to create a positive impact for others. We have a household of teens and as hard as I try as a parent, there are some situations that benefit from having a different perspective. I am not a perfect parent and we don’t have perfect teens.. there is no such thing. It’s messy at times, but I know I want to provide the healthiest environment possible where my children can grow and utilizing Vanessa’s insight is helping along that road.

A little back story on me...

I realized my love for teaching and for kids when I was finishing up my degree in Supply Chain Management and my Honors Thesis on Mentorship in the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University in 2000.
I was padding my resume with volunteer work mostly with Junior Achievement, teaching kids from 5-18 years old about free enterprise and economics. It was a light bulb moment for me to experience that passion as I completely lost myself. I realized that I was made for something specific. Before that, I didn’t understand what it meant to have real enthusiasm and love for one’s work versus “to just do what makes sense.”

I was alive!!!!

I became a coach for others, working diligently shoulder-to-shoulder with students to help them get out of their own way and turn their ideas into reality. I also got my own projects noticed by the press and several local non-profit organizations that benefited from my ideas!
Flash forward several years of learning from my kids (in the "lab") and even adding in a couple more teenagers who I took into my home along the way. 

I have been extensively trained as a coach in my position at, the world’s leading coaching program. I coach people of all walks of life, from every corner of the world on a weekly basis to increase their clarity, productivity, courage and more!

My business makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Combining my love of teaching, my deep understanding of teenagers, my desire to create connections between people and their deepest desires, and my skill in coaching have brought me here to you!

I’ve got your back.

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